Pixels and Polyhedrals: The Immolator

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At this point, we’re not that many monsters away from recreating all of Hunt: Showdown’s minions, with the exception of hellhounds and grunts which are pretty standard baddies so we won’t bother, but you should at least go check out the amazing artwork for them and get inspired that way. The Water Devil and the Armored will definitely see a P&P in the future though. Anyway, the game recently launched out of early access to great reception so far and yes, we’re obviously still in love with it. By “we” it’s mostly just Jerry, who is very bad at the game but still enjoys playing.

Immolators are a really cool enemy concept in that they are pretty easily taken down, but if you do it the wrong way it can be disastrous. If you do things right, by taking them out with fists and blunt weapons they’re pushovers. However, if you shoot or stab them they become running, howling, immolating menaces. Depending on when and how one crosses your path, usually determines how they’re dealt with. One by itself is no biggy, but one by itself running into you as another host of enemies have your attention is a recipe for disaster.

We hope you enjoy the monster, our Patrons got to see it early and will be getting exclusive monsters for Demon Lord as well as D&D since we’ve reached our $25 goal. Not to mention dev diaries and playtest packets for upcoming content. If that sounds cool to you, you should consider becoming a Patron too! Now that that shameless plug is out of the way, please enjoy our fan created Demon Lord content and give Hunt: Showdown a look if you’re into vidya games!


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