Sigil & Blade Episode 3 w/ Beebosloth

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We’re back, again! This time with yet another slightly adjusted format where we bring on a guest and talk about what’s on our minds, and what’s been going on lately. This episode we’ll be discussing horror movies and horror games as well as horror mechanics in games.

Intro & Outro Music for Sigil and Blade is by Guild of Lore, used with permission.

Project Updates

Special Guest: Stan Osipov aka Beebosloth

Infamous drawer-of-skeletons, Stan has been making art for most of his life, you should check out all his socials and his website and merch. He’s done the cover for The Dead and the Damned and you’ll see a lot more of his work in the full game.

Beebosloth Homepage + Beebosloth Merch – Shirts, phone cases, mousepads, put a skeleton on everything!

Horror Movie Talk!

We break the ice by discussing our best and worst horror finds of the season as well as discuss what makes good horror, bad horror, and the stuff that’s so bad it’s good.

Tonight’s Topic: Horror Mechanics in Games

Can game mechanics themselves be horror? Do we entirely create the horror ourselves or can a game’s actual mechanics inflict terror upon us? We discuss thoroughly and wind up talking too much, meaning our next topic “Art in Gaming” will be next month’s podcast as well. We’ll also talk about our inspirations for creation and a lot more so be ready when it drops next month!



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