Sigil and Blade, Episode 1 (Pilot)

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The podcast is here, as promised! Many thanks to our Patrons for making this possible. We took a while to finally land on a name, but we wound up going with Sigil and Blade because we wanted to evoke the sense of a secret ritual, because this show was born out of a very passionate few taking place in

Sigil and Blade will be a monthly podcast where we talk about current topics among the RPG scene, as well as some behind the scenes content regarding our current developments and projects. The frequency of the show may increase to bi-weekly as time goes on and depending on reception and our Patrons. We’re enjoying ourselves so far, and we hope you are too.

Please know that future intros will be less verbose, and less ‘you can tell Jerry’s been listening to one too many horror podcasts lately‘. All that said we’re ready to jump in but please, please, please give us some feedback on this if you can find a moment. Thanks!

Intro & Outro Music for Sigil and Blade is by Guild of Lore, used with permission.

Low Prep Games / What We’ve Been Playing (2:05)

3:52 – Forbidden Lands
7:05 – Low prep, a blessing or a curse for new gamers?
10:00 – Usability and clarity in low prep / indie games
13:25 – Player perspective, shameless plug for Journeys in Shadow
13:45 – Mörk Borg (Jerry’s review)
Low prep games we mentioned:

Usefull Tools & Good Finds (22:30)

Ben’s Finds

Jerry’s Finds

33:45 – Outro, Thank You’s, Questions for listeners



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