Sigil and Blade Episode 2

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We’re back! This time with a bit more structure and with a proper crash course on who we are and what we do. We do apologize for a hefty dose of plosives in this recording. Jerry was trying to get his mic settings dialed in so he could spend less time in editing this time around although it worked out well, he was still a bit too close to the mic. Again, many thanks to our Patrons for making this show possible. We hope you enjoy this episode and are eagerly awaiting your responses to our questions, and any feedback you might have for us.

Intro & Outro Music for Sigil and Blade is by Guild of Lore, used with permission.

A Proper Introduction

2:35 – About us, a proper introduction
3:33 – All about Ben!
4:55 – All about Jerry!
6:18 – The reason Black Candle was created.
7:00 – How we met.

Hell Patrol

10:30 – Introduction
12:38 – About the setting
16:55 – Chocolate & Peanut Butter

Making Mechanics & Descriptions Satisfying

19:00 – What makes games feel good, what is satisfying?
19:45 – Critical hits
22:30 – Exploding dice, stunt dice, 2d20 system & momentum
27:05 – What’s more important? Mechanic feels, or mechanic mathematics?
27:53 – Monster math damage averages, is Jerry an alien?

30:15Fallout RPG by Modiphius, brief mention.

Project Finds!

34:02 – Outro, Thank You’s, Questions for listeners



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