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A Tale by the Bonfire

I’d like to welcome you all to the site and tell you a little bit about what started Black Candle.

We’ve been in love with the Shadow of the Demon Lord roleplaying game for a while now, it epitomizes everything we want from a tabletop RPG. It’s low prep, high flavor, fluid mechanically, and a dark tone. So when we decided we wanted to begin professionally putting out tabletop adventures and content, it only made sense to devote ourselves to creating for it.

We want to share our love for the game and its sheer ease of running adventures, and the overall simplicity of the system. We love all of its genre-defying conventions, especially the one regarding the fact that campaigns are actually supposed to be short. We’re also looking to fill in some of the content gaps by putting out some supplements such as monster and item compendiums.

Design Ideals and Goals

We’re all fans of the darker side of fantasy here and Black Candle has been influenced by games like Darkest Dungeon, Dark Souls, and Fallout. Among other aesthetic guidestones are the band Ghost and many other musical and occult influences. If you want to know more about our design ideals on a deeper level, be sure to read our mission statement.

So naturally our vision aligns with creating content Demon Lord, it doesn’t mean we won’t develop for other systems, it’s just not a priority for us, for now.

Along with the newly announced Disciples of the Demon Lord program, we have plans on publishing content exclusively through the DriveThru marketplace for Shadow of the Demon Lord, as well as Godless.

Into the Abyss

In the coming months you’ll see a series of adventures, some monster and item supplements, as well as an ongoing livestream of our campaign over on Twitch. The schedule for the game is pending, but stay tuned, details are soon to come!


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