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It’s Coming

Tomorrow the Disciples of the Demon Lord program kicks off and you’ll see our very first offering within it, Salt and Sacrifice. It’s an adventure for Novice level characters and works great as a one shot, or as a first Demon Lord experience for new players. That doesn’t mean it’s not challenging though!

It’s also worth noting that along with our adventure, you’ll find a few other excellent adventures from our fellow disciples so you’ll want to check those out as well.

The Face Beneath the Waves

We set out to make an adventure GM’s can plug into any existing game, stand on its own, or just be picked apart for whatever cool bits they like the most. It’s not married to any certain locale and touches only lightly on the lore of the Demon Lord universe for maximum usability. We really hope you enjoy it.

Fun fact: Parts of the adventure are inspired by the horrific images of creatures from the depths of hadalpalagic that Ben sends Jerry from the bowels of reddit late at night just to try and trigger his intense fear of the deep ocean. So really, it’s an adventure built on friendship and torment.


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