Here at Black Candle we stand by a few things which you can always count on, so we made this list for you and called it our mission statement. We almost called it our manifesto but that might have sounded pretentious, which is something we’d like to avoid.

  • Dwarven Craftsmanship We may not have deep enough pockets to professionally commission every single thing we put into a product but we try and make do with the resources available to us. However, that doesn’t mean you’ll be getting a shoddy product. We pride ourselves on making sure our materials are functional, clean, and rock solid. It also doesn’t hurt that we happen to have some absolutely indispensable friends at our side.
  • Not Insulting Your Intelligence We believe that supplements should provide a framework for GMs and their players. We’re not going to lay out every single possibility you could take, because some of the best fun RPGs have to offer is taking these bits and making them your own. The basic design philosophy for our products is that if we can leave some things for you to explore organically, it adds replayability and makes it even easier to fit it into your game.
  • Ego Check The best adventures don’t require florid guidelines and dialogue trees, but instead open doors and plant seeds that grow into what makes your game unique. We want to spark your imagination, not drown it in dozens of pages of NPC backstory and read-aloud text.
  • Tenebrous Tales Speaking of those sparks, you’ll need them to carry you through the dark. Inspired by all things horror, dark fantasy, and post-apocalyptic, the overall tone of things we create tend to fare on the grim side. It is in the darkest of places and bleakest of times that people begin to show their true nature, and arise either as true heroes or villains. We find these themes often create deeper, more compelling stories for everyone involved, or at the very least make them just a bit more fun.
  • Games are for Fun Sometimes you’re going to spot something that may not be rooted entirely in logic or have a great explanation, and that’s okay. It’s okay because games are for fun and they don’t have to make sense all of the time. “How could someone even form a pentagram out of gnome corpses?” or “but how does someone actually wear pants made of human flesh?” you might ask. Our answer to any or all of these could very well be “Who cares? It’s awesome.“, and that’s a good enough answer for us.