Who We Are (Dwarves, we’re basically Dwarves)

We are a small team dedicated to making delightfully dark, fresh, and fun content for your favorite tabletop RPGs with our primary focus being on Schwalb Entertainment’s Shadow of the Demon Lord. Our team consists of two short men with beards that have a penchant for drinking beer and telling stories. When we’re not working on game material we’re lurking somewhere on the internet, mining for precious memes or playing video games.

Jerry is a seasoned freelance writer for tabletop RPGs, having worked for publishers such as Wizards of the Coast, Kobold Press, and of course Schwalb Entertainment. He is often grumpy.

Ben has been running and playing games for most of his life, crafting custom worlds and stories for his players. He rarely wears pants.

(yes we placed our names out of alphabetical order so you won’t make ice cream jokes at us)

What We Believe

Black Candle strives to create adventures and supplements for your games that not are not only evocative and unique, but are also accessible and quick to use. We’re all about that low-prep life for running games because being an adult is hard. We also aim to make an impact by leaving your mind alight with new ideas about where to take your players next after reading one of our adventures. Check our full Mission Statment for the wordier version of what makes us tick.